When you propose unique or complex treatment plans, including cosmetic or restorative procedures, you encounter obstacles to acceptance that don’t arise for simpler recommendations. Even patients who carry dental insurance face Least Expensive Alternative Treatment provisions, exceptions to covered procedures, and limits on annual benefits, all of which prevent their policies from offering much—besides paperwork—toward the care you want to provide. To fund their treatment, your patients dip into their own pockets or put their credit on the line. That entitles them to an authoritative sense of what you can do for them, not just what dentistry can accomplish for needs like theirs.

Without the right case-support materials, you’re making your road to acceptance more difficult than necessary:

  • Brochures and information sheets from dental organizations, specialty colleges, and product manufacturers only go so far. They can explain technical details in laypeople’s terms or offer generic overviews of what to expect from specific procedures, but they do nothing to position your unique combination of experience and talent as the right solution to an individual patient’s treatment needs.
  • Newsletter services can help you recruit and retain patients, but their publications combine general and generic content that can’t anticipate and answer your patients’ specific questions.
  • Your website—if you have one—can present your case experience, but some patients don’t feel comfortable authorizing the public use of their before-and-after images with no control over who sees them. Furthermore, some patients don’t trust online content to represent dental outcomes accurately.

At Dental Presentations, we offer nearly two decades of experience in writing, designing, and preparing brochures, periodicals, and more for dental associations, schools, and practices. Let us help you showcase your expertise with materials that convey your commitment to excellence through the actual treatment outcomes you achieve.

Our Patient Profiles form the centerpiece of a set of materials created exclusively for you and your practice. These Profiles share your patients’ deep satisfaction with how you’ve transformed their appearance—in their own words. We even provide the forms you need to obtain consent for reproduction of treatment photos.