Lookalike websites

Many dentists look to designers who specialize in creating websites for dental practices, and who understand the special ins and outs of compliance with your profession’s ethics and standards. Some designers use the same template for numerous clients, with results that look stamped out in cookie-cutter fashion. A prospective patient who’s doing a thorough Web search may find a batch of similar-looking sites, and start thinking all dentists are the same. Look through designers’ portfolios for identical layouts that vary only in color scheme. Choose someone who will convey the unique, distinctive personality of your practice.

Dr. Who?

We’ve seen many dentist websites that talk about how “Dr. Doe does this, that, and the other thing” but manage to omit Dr. Doe’s first name every time. Even if you’re intergalactically famous in your profession, specialty, or town, make your website an inviting gateway to your practice, including your full name as a courteous, welcoming introduction.

Whose patient is that?

Some websites use stock photos to convey the impression of healthy, attractive people who take good care of their teeth. All that shining dentition and those smiling, handsome faces don’t actually come from the ranks of your own patients, however. Unless the text on your website clearly identifies stock photos as such, you create a misleading impression. If your Web designer creates sites for many dental practices, watch out for the possibility that the same stock photos wind up front and center on other dentists’ websites, too, which diminishes the uniqueness of your online identity.